Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Alright guys here's another Process Piece.  This time it's of Spudnik.  The baddest potato in all of the universe!  He is a potato that was shot into space and was found by aliens who accidentally bonded him to a magical meteor.  The meteor brought him to life and granted him super powers.  The aliens squandered his new found strength for their own personal gain to destroy their enemies.  Until the mighty Spudnik learned of their evil ways and took them down with the very power that they gave him!  Muahahaha!....

Ummm...yeah you gotta have a back story when creating your own characters.  It's like when you're writing a script or story.  In order to truly make believable and lovable characters you have to know what these imaginary people are thinking of and how they would react to certain things.  I guess in a sense you start to feel for them and that's why you want to make sure that they are brought to life correctly through your art.

Okay this piece started with a thumbnail drawing from one of my mini sketchbooks that I use specifically for just drawing tiny doodles to get ideas out very quickly.  You'll see as I post more of these that I actually go back to these thumbnails a lot, and then I'll finish them up in Photoshop.  In this particular case though I wanted to do something different so I decided to make this one in Adobe Illustrator CS3.  I think between each frame on this animated GIF is anywhere from 15 min to an hour?  Enoy!

Clcik to view animated GIF - Spudnik by Christian Lozada


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