Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

I had an awesome time drawing yesterday at the Maximum Comics booth at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.  I did some free sketches for people and even sold some prints of my "All Hail the King" piece.  It was a really good turnout all around and I had a blast.

Below are a couple of the drawing that I did for the con.  The rough pencil sketches were the free ones I did for people at the con, and the fully colored and inked ones I did the nights before the con for sale at the booth.  I think my most favorite free sketch that I did at the con was one of the weirdest requests.  The guy wanted a fighting panda for some reason, because he couldn't think of a hero that he wanted.  At first I was little hesitant, but it turned out to be one of the funnest ones that I did.

Wonder Woman Sketch that I did for a cute little girl

Aquaman Sketch

Venom Sketch for a little boy in a Minecraft costume

Michonne sketch done the night before the Con.  Sold for $6

First sketch of the day Spider-Man!

"Fighting Panda" the guy asked for.

Venom Sketch

Batman Sketch

Hulk Sketch

Iron Man Sketch - Sold for $5 to a little boy named Christian.  Also gave him a free Spidey sketch
Colossus Sketch

Superman Sketch

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