Monday, February 13, 2012

Our New Nursery!

In case you didn't know my wife and I are pregnant and are expecting our very first child any day now.  He's actually due March 3rd but I have a feeling that he'll come early.  Anyways, here's the nursery that I've been working on.  It's about 99% complete I just need one final decal right above his crib and then I am done.  The final decal will be of a giant action shot with all the characters including Mickey.
Our first instinct for the design of the room was to do just a Mickey Mouse inspired room based on the cool comforter set that we picked out.  But being a fan of comic books, and being inspired by the cute Toki Doki x Marvel characters, I decided to be unique and do a mash-up of the two.  And seeing that Disney now owns Marvel I thought it would be really cool to finally see this team-up happen for reals.  Enjoy!

Before and After of the new nursery!

Another before and after from a different angle

Here's the 360 view of the room